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Sun and a little bit of sand in Bodrum

Not much to say today, but here are my impressions of Bodrum from my host family’s week-long vacation there. Bodrum wasn’t what I was expecting.  I was thinking there would be long sandy beaches and a party every night (everywhere … Continue reading

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Papa Wu Stops By

Lucky for me, my dad was able to squeeze Istanbul into the middle of his business trip to Europe so I got to show him around the historical peninsula/old city and a bit of the Galata Tower/Taksim area. We did … Continue reading

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So I lied, and I’m bad at updating

Here’s my belated post about Büyükada, the largest of the Princes’ Islands.  I’ve been twice now and I’d be willing to go back again.  It’s nice to get away from the city and even though the island is heavily touristed … Continue reading

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Peace Corps and some funny quotes

Hello everyone, Sorry for the lack of updates recently – I’ve been having problems with my camera and haven’t been able to take any pictures for a while.  So another picture-less post this will be. This post is mostly an … Continue reading

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Lamb Tripe and TakaTuka

I was tricked!  I love lamb, as long as I’m not eating it in the U.S. (for whatever reason it never seems to taste good there).  I went out on the town with a Turkish friend from U-M and he … Continue reading

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İstiklal Caddesi

İstiklal Caddesi (caddesi = street/avenue) is a pedestrian street in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul.  It’s almost 2 miles long and on weekends it can get around 3 million visitors on average each day (courtesy of wikipedia).  It’s lined completely with shops, … Continue reading

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Merhaba from Istanbul!

Merhaba means “hello” in Turkish.  Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to learn any Turkish before I got here so it’s been difficult to get around.  There aren’t any English signs anywhere, but interestingly enough many menus have an English translation … Continue reading

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