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I'm a recent college grad looking for outside the cubicle ideas.

This just in…

Here’s the latest from China.  I’d been trying to get a hold of a friend who was going to hook me up with a teaching job in Nanjing but she wasn’t responding to my facebook messages.  Well I finally got … Continue reading

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Lamb Tripe and TakaTuka

I was tricked!  I love lamb, as long as I’m not eating it in the U.S. (for whatever reason it never seems to taste good there).  I went out on the town with a Turkish friend from U-M and he … Continue reading

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İstiklal Caddesi

İstiklal Caddesi (caddesi = street/avenue) is a pedestrian street in the Beyoğlu district of Istanbul.  It’s almost 2 miles long and on weekends it can get around 3 million visitors on average each day (courtesy of wikipedia).  It’s lined completely with shops, … Continue reading

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Merhaba from Istanbul!

Merhaba means “hello” in Turkish.  Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to learn any Turkish before I got here so it’s been difficult to get around.  There aren’t any English signs anywhere, but interestingly enough many menus have an English translation … Continue reading

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