Sun and a little bit of sand in Bodrum

Not much to say today, but here are my impressions of Bodrum from my host family’s week-long vacation there.

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Bodrum wasn’t what I was expecting.  I was thinking there would be long sandy beaches and a party every night (everywhere I read said Bodrum was a party city).  The reality: AMAZING views of the beautiful blue Aegean and great weather, but turns out it’s a whole peninsula divided up into different bays which are further divided up into different beach clubs.  The travel time between these bays is actually quite long – I was living in Bitez, the bay next to Bodrum bay and it took a 35 minute bus ride to get to the main city.

SO, Bodrum is the name of the peninsula that’s off the western coast of Turkey, but it’s also the main city center in one of the many bays all around the peninsula… Did I explain that well enough? hahaha.  No long sandy beaches and the water was f-f-freezing (still nothing on the Michigan lakes in the spring though), but the houses and plant life were stunning.  White-washed houses with brown roofs and bougainvillea draped over everything.

The beach clubs my host family took me to were the type of places I never would have gone with my own money (what with the entrance fee and expensive food and drinks inside), but it was oh so nice to sip on a glass of fresh-squeezed lemonade with mint while reclining on a cushioned chair looking past a pebble beach at the blue Aegean 😛

I got my sun and swim fix, and that’s all that matters


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One Response to Sun and a little bit of sand in Bodrum

  1. Carol says:

    Sarah – looks so beautiful! I have some of those plants in my backyard, but it’s not quite the same somehow! I think I’m missing the beautiful water and cool starfish… How fun that you get to take these trips with the family.

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