So I lied, and I’m bad at updating

Here’s my belated post about Büyükada, the largest of the Princes’ Islands.  I’ve been twice now and I’d be willing to go back again.  It’s nice to get away from the city and even though the island is heavily touristed (by both Turks and foreigners), it’s big enough that once you get away from the main pier it gets nice and quiet.

There are no cars allowed on the island except service vehicles, just like Mackinac Island.  You can rent a carriage for an hour to take you around (still haven’t done this yet).  I was told that they’re usually pulled by Turkish horses – smaller and less impressive, but able to run for much longer periods of time.  Next time I go I’m definitely renting a carriage!

The carriages you can rent on Büyükada

The first time I went, I walked.  The island is BIG.  You should rent a bike.  The second time I followed my own advice and convinced the au pairs to rent with me.  It only costs 10TL to rent them for the entire day and even though it was reaaaalllyyy hilly there, it was nice to ride around and stop whenever we felt like it.

There are a couple beaches there too and that’s where all the young Turks seemed to be going so next time I’ll have to make that my mission (and to ride a carriage).  I’m messing around with the “featured image” option on wordpress but I’ll post this image here too just in case it doesn’t show up in the normal blog post.  Next up will be a post summarizing the sight-seeing explosion I did with my dad when he visited this past weekend.  If anyone else wants to come visit I’d be more than happy to show you around as well 😉

Note the bikes and old buildings


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4 Responses to So I lied, and I’m bad at updating

  1. mom says:

    Oh Sarah, I want to go there!

  2. Carol says:

    Sounds like a wonderful place!

  3. jpark says:

    Hahaha, I bet you would have enjoyed/been annoyed watching me bike up and down those hilly roads. Take pictures of the beach next time you go! You know how much I enjoy the water, especially since it has the power to wash off bird poop..

    • swulbrec says:

      hahahaha, since I’ve been in Istanbul 3 people I know have been pooped on – all while standing next to me like you were… actually, I think I was pooped on too. Found a white dribble on my T-shirt at the end of the day. Just remembered that

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