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Here’s the latest from China.  I’d been trying to get a hold of a friend who was going to hook me up with a teaching job in Nanjing but she wasn’t responding to my facebook messages.  Well I finally got a response back and here’s what she said,

China’s been cracking down on the VPNs and throttling the internet speeds for people trying to access foreign websites so I’ve not been able to actually access facebook (or gmail for that matter) for quite a while.

She’s giving me two different emails so there’s more of a chance we’ll be able to communicate – sheesh!  Well, at least I know there still might be a job available for me in the fall.  Here’s a link if you want to read more about China cracking down on VPNs, it’s dated pretty recently too.

Looks like need to start researching how to be a cyber-spy since I won’t have U-M’s VPN client to use anymore while I’m in China (U-M uniqnames expire after graduation).  I wouldn’t want to be stuck blogless/facebookless, gasp!  But seriously, I wouldn’t.


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I'm a recent college grad looking for outside the cubicle ideas.
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